British property rents increase 2.7% annually, fastest rise in three years

Private rental costs in the UK increased by 2.7% in the year to September 2015, but there are significant regional variations, according to the latest reports from the Office of National Statistics. Private rents increased by 2.8% in England, 1.6% in Scotland and 0.5% in Wales, not including London they increased by 1.8% year on [...]

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Buy-to-Let mortgage lending hits 19-month high

Buy-to-let mortgage deals up by over a third Lenders approved almost 40% more buy-to-let mortgage deals to landlords in August than over the same period in 2014. Figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) show 22,200 buy-to-let mortgages were granted in August 2015 – 37.9% more than in August 2014 – with a value of £3.4bn. [...]

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Mortgage lending hits 19-month high

Bank of England says more than 71,000 mortgages were approved in August as housing market shows no sign of summer slowdown Mortgage lending has leapt by the largest amount since 2008, official figures showed on Tuesday, providing further evidence that the housing market is continuing to heat up. The Bank of England said a total [...]

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45 per cent of renters ‘think they will never be able to afford own home’

Some 45 per cent of those surveyed for Post Office Money Mortgages doubt their ability to ever climb on to the property ladder. Of those who expect to be able to buy at some stage, the average age at which they hope to do so is 36 years old, up from 35 when similar research [...]

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Considering a mortgage? Let us help you prepare properly

Research suggests potential buyers are not savvy about UK mortgage rules Two thirds of potential house buyers in the UK do not understand the new mortgage rules which were introduced last year, new research has found. Some 31% of people who plan to buy a property within the next two years are unaware that mortgage [...]

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Rent rises speed up as average UK rent reaches £937 a month

Rents were up 4.6% in July on the year before, figures show, with median rent for one-bedroom flat in London now more than £1,000 a month Average rents in the UK reached £937 per month in July as the pace of increases took a significant step up amid a shortage in the supply of housing. [...]

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