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Buy-to-let mortgage lending surges ahead of stamp duty rise

Council of Mortgage Lenders reports 22% increase in number of loans taken out by landlords in January. The number of buy-to-let mortgages increased by 22% in January compared with the same month last year, as landlords rushed to beat forthcoming tax changes. Around 9,500 loans were taken out by buy-to-let landlords in January, compared with [...]

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Prepare for the sub ONE PER CENT mortgage

Borrowing set to fall to lowest ever levels due to bank price competition and reduced interest rates The head of one of the UK's leading building societies predicted drop yesterday Expects most popular two-year fixed rate mortgages to go below one per cent Industry insiders expect price competition between lenders to result drop in the rate [...]

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Summary of changes affecting buy-to-let investors

If you are weighing up a move into buy-to-let, there is an array of new regulations that have been introduced for landlords and more to come The government intends to dampen down the interest in buy-to-let investment and is introducing a number of measures to meet this end. If you own any buy-to-let properties or [...]

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House price growth increases to 9.7%, according to the Halifax

House prices increases in the UK grew to 9.7% in the year to January 2016, an increase from 9.5% a month earlier, in figures released this week by the Halifax. Britain's biggest mortgage lender reported that the last time this figure was greater was back in July 2014, when prices were rising by over 10%. [...]

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Controversial self-certification lender launch creates debate about impact of MMR

Controversy surrounding self-certification lender’s launch has sparked debate regarding the impact regulation is having on the UK mortgage market. A new website has bypassed an FCA ban on self-cert mortgages by setting up business in Prague and using the Electronic Commerce Directive to lend to borrowers in the UK. The firm is understood to be [...]

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The UK is “unprepared” for rising mortgage rates

Homeowners in Britain are not ready for increasing mortgage rates even though almost three-quarters will see their monthly repayments increase when the base rate rises. One in five (20%) state that they have “no idea” how a rate increase will affect them. This is a major concern with over half (56%) of mortgage holders already [...]

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Buy to Let Tax Rises – What you need to know

Information regarding the government’s intention to increase stamp duty on purchases by homeowners of additional properties was published over the Christmas period. In essence, it a 3 per cent surcharge on each stamp duty land tax band will apply when an additional residential property is bought by someone who owns a home already. With the [...]

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When will you feel financially free?

When you consider financial freedom, what do you think of? Interestingly, exotic holidays and being free and clear on your house may not be that high on the list of priorities. Many people have far more reasonable targets. A report from from credit check provider Noddle has shown that most people want to be free [...]

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British property rents increase 2.7% annually, fastest rise in three years

Private rental costs in the UK increased by 2.7% in the year to September 2015, but there are significant regional variations, according to the latest reports from the Office of National Statistics. Private rents increased by 2.8% in England, 1.6% in Scotland and 0.5% in Wales, not including London they increased by 1.8% year on [...]

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Buy-to-Let mortgage lending hits 19-month high

Buy-to-let mortgage deals up by over a third Lenders approved almost 40% more buy-to-let mortgage deals to landlords in August than over the same period in 2014. Figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) show 22,200 buy-to-let mortgages were granted in August 2015 – 37.9% more than in August 2014 – with a value of £3.4bn. [...]

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